Thursday, April 23, 2009

Holy Week with a Twist Experience



One Summer Morning, my friends and I decided to take a break for Holy Days and spend it in Bantayan Island in Cebu. This is a very small yet captivating and inviting island. Quite a laid-back civilization but you will never get tired of something on what this place has to present you. Its powdery white sand beaches and crystal blue water will make you wander with astonishment.

Everywhere you go you will see happy faces from people, faces showing contentment and appreciation to what a true bliss is despite deficiency on what we call ”technological advancement. I spent my time wisely on the island and get to discover hidden treasures. It has been a fun-filled vacation not only that I get to spend quality time with couple of friends, but at the same time I get to bond and get closer to nature and discovered a new way to ponder during Holy Week.

I have realized and appreciated the culture of “Bantayan Folks” which were really truly very religious. Born and raised in a catholic and religion-oriented family, sent to a catholic school, significance of the Holy Week was well communicated to me. In the norms of Roman Catholic; holy week is the time to ponder, reflect and observe serenity as the Christian world commemorates the Passion and Death of Jesus Christ. This was my definition of “Holy Week” not until I stepped into this mystic yet amusing island of Bantayan.

It was quite a long ride from Bacolod to Bantayan. 2 Hour bus ride from Bacolod to Cadiz city and an amazing 6 hours boat ride from Cadiz city to Bantayan Island. We have to wait 417152_3067161551641_1096630245_n for the water to level up first before we can start our ride. Whew! And that was quite a while. We waited for roughly 2 hours before our official trip started. I do things fast and waiting is not my forte, but I have to deal with it. It was a boring and sleepy 6 hour boat ride considering that its summer and it’s 9 in the morning, so definitely it’s HOT so I can’t manage to sleep during the ride.
Welcoming me to the island of Bantayan is its amazing white sand and blue water. I restored all the energies I have exhausted during the trip and it’s definitely worth the wait!!!

Those 3 days that I spent on the island marks a new phase of lifestyle discovery. I discovered their magnificent beaches, the very modest people and most of all the amazing celebration of “Good Friday.” There were parties all over the place (Rome gave permission to this island to celebrate even though its Holy week). We had the chance to see how
Bantayan Island celebrates Holy Week with merry making and fun filled activities and at the same time how they regard the solemnity of the main reason why Holy Week is in the calendar. We were able to witness the procession and how to do the “way of the cross” exhibiting life-size imagery of different saints and of course the Holy Family in a carriage completely embellished with flowers and ornaments showcasing Bantayan’s creativity.

It was indeed an extraordinary experience that will forever captivate my spirit and will always be remembered every time “holy week” is approaching.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Sugar Beach Resort

Bantayan Island, Cebu
One of the more popular beaches in the municipality of Santa Fe in Bantayan Island,Cebu is Sugar Beach because of its wide area of white-sand beach as well as its affordable room accommodations and services. They are the “go to” resort during the super peak season in the island of Bantayan – Holy Week.