Monday, June 21, 2010

Nature Enthusiasts Haven - Patag

Nestled at the foothills of Mt. Mandalagan and Mt. Marapara is a small village of Patag.  Situated at a cool elevation of nearly a couple of thousand feet above the sea. Patag is the last frontier of the Japanese Army that surrendered in Negros Island. A Historical Hospital is also in the site. The area is flat among the other hilly surrounding area, thus the Illonggo word "Patag".
We had a chance to explore this place and experience oneness with nature.  The area is surrounded by luscious  trees and and several waterfalls that makes the place very cool and a great escape from the busy life in the city.  Patag boats a variety of flora and fauna and  a host of  other natural attractions  and a home  of the Philippine spotted deer (sad to say, we were not able to see one). This area is also starting point going to a waterfalls called "Pulang Tubig" because the water coming down seems to be seen as red in color. The reality was that the stones and rocks it falls unto are red or orange in color.
I cant help but notice this spectacular view as we went all the way up.  When mountains meets the sky :) We stayed at Ladlad Resort.  It was raining when we arrived, but it did not hinder us to just isolate ourselves on the room. We still manage to have fun even if its freezing cold.  Some youth organization held their outing/team building during that time so it’s a FUN experience after all. They had their Ms Gay, showed talent and do their ramp modeling with modified costume from anything that they can find around the area. It was a blast, we ended laughing all the time.
The next day we prepared for a short trek to the waterfalls.  It was a fun trek because we actually don't know where the falls is located. One of us have been there to Patag but just once and cant remember totally the way on how to get to the falls. But we are all determined to get there, and we succeeded after 2 hrs of trek.  We pass by green meadows, hills and a lot of beautiful views that will make you forget that you are tired of walking. Scarred but happy :) I will go back and make sure that I’ll reach Pulang Tubig. 8 Hours of Trek I guess will be worth it.
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