Thursday, July 15, 2010

Happy Valley Resort

Hinobaan, Negros Occidental

Indeed, a long trip going to Hinoba-an is all worth the sacrifice when you get to see the magnificent scenery of the white sand beach and the islands surrounding it.

City life can be stressful and taxing and one good way to release this complete (and most of the time, traumatic) exhaustion is by taking a breather and that means going out of town.

Happy Valley Resort in Hinoba-an, Negros Occidental may be the answer to your back pains and already over fatigued body.
A trip going to Hinoba-an is a trip going to a uniquely laid back place yet it is a place with a very interesting work of nature. One will pass through a high altitude before getting to Hinoba-an. Mountain ranges can be seen when one is driving on his way to Hinoba-an. Green Trees are on each side of the road. But more so, upon reaching Hinoba-an, coconut trees become very prominent to they eyes of every passers-by. These trees and other rainforest trees welcome visitors, giving a cool, calming and soothing feeling when you get to the Happy Valley Resort.

Happy Valley Resort is a cozy place with a large space for tourists and guests. It has an atmosphere where one can really unwind and rest. The resort is best for family or friends who want to take a break from long day's work. It is also best for honeymooners because the place can be a romantic place for its quiet, solemn and calm ambiance.