Saturday, December 4, 2010

A strip of Paradise–Carbin Reef Marine Sanctuary

Located in the Northern Part of Negros Occidental, The Garden City of the North, better know to many as Sagay City is the Carbin Reef Marine Sanctuary.

Carbin Reef is a huge, tongue-shaped, white sandbar 15km northeast of Old Sagay and is bounded on the North by Asuncion Pass and the Visayan Sea. It is centered on the 32,000-hectare Sagay Marine Reserve.


My friends and I were given the chance to explore this virgin paradise one sunny day. Since there’s no accommodation on the island itself, we stayed in a city owned dormitel and then spent one day in the island, splashing and swimming under the sun.


The sanctuary was established sometime in 1999 and is abundant with variety of underwater species and amazing coral formations.  You can also enjoy snorkeling around the sanctuary where you will enjoy seeing school of fishes in their different sizes and forms, truly a wealth of natural beauty.

There are no food stalls in the area so better bring your food when you get to the island.  From Sagay city, you need to take a 15-20 minute boat ride depending on sea condition. 

Truly a paradise beyond compare.


How to get here:

From Bacolod City Proper, take a Northbound Jeepney that will take you to Sagay City. There are several modes of transportation you can choose from,  you can ride Public Buses or you can drive all the way to Sagay City. Two hours to get to Sagay City Proper.

Once you arrive in the city proper, take a tricycle to the old wharf and tell the driver you will go to Carbin Reef.

From the wharf, 15-20 minutes boat ride but you have to rent the boat for your entire stay. It will just wait there on the corner until your done and it will take you back to the wharf before sundown.