Sunday, February 26, 2012

Celebrating Life with Colors and Beauty

Flower 01The Panagbenga Festival is held yearly during the month of February. The celebrations are held for over a month and peak periods are the weekends. The Panagbenga Festival showcases the many floral floats and native dances. The fragrant smells that could be presently teasing olfactory senses are probably less from the now-dried flowers from Valentine's Day than air floating all the way from Baguio City.
At this time of year, the City of Pines is almost surely in flower fury over Panagbenga festival, the city's biggest festival.
Panagbenga is a kankanaey term for "a season of blooming." It is also known as the Baguio Flower Festival, a homage to the beautiful flowers the city is famous for as well as a celebration of Baguio's re-establishment.
I had the chance to experience how the Summer Capital celebrated this Colorful feast, and it was awesome but I just don’t like the marathon walk in and out of the city. 
It was an awesome experience to see floral floats parading and standing proud a midst the crowd. Till next year! Party, Party!

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