Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A Day in Iloilo with a college friend

IMG_1347I left Bacolod with a very enthusiastic spirit..this will be another fun filled adventure…looking forward to more bus rides and more site seeing activities.  This is my Panay Domination – starting line – Iloilo City.  I took a ferry boat from Bacolod to Iloilo (OceanJet). Since the purpose of this travel is to see more places at a lesser cost I prefer OceanJet compared to the other three shipping lines as this is known to be the cheapest but at the same time provide a comfy ride.  For a round-trip fare you only need to pay Php 410.00. I departed the City of Smiles at exactly 9:15 AM and touchdown Iloilo by 10:30 AM.   I've been to Iloilo several times but never had the chance to roam the place myself using public transportation so I can be familiar with the route.  This feeling alienate me but of course my adventurer spirit dwells more than the child in me.  As we arrive in Iloilo City I've been seeking assistance from
Jaro Churchpeople I knew to give me directions on what route to take to get me to my desired destination.  I was just lucky though that a colleague happened to be on the same trip and offered to show me around famous landmarks where I can easily take a ride.  As mentioned, I have been seeking assistance from friends who happened to be living in Iloilo, I got lucky again coz a college friend offered me to tour the city, her being a personal tour guide and driver Laughing out loud.  Epic failed again for taking public transport around the place. Its okay, this is going to be fun and memorable.  She took me to a seafood restaurant as I requested to have seafood for lunch though I will be going to the seafood capital in a while. After that sumptuous lunch and a great talk, we reminisce college days where all we can think is have fun. People that we miIMG_1358ssed,  experiences that we cant forget, everything under the sun. Whew, that was a long time ago. After lunch, we went to an entertainment-missed-so-long habit, “billiards.” Yes, I do play billiards way back in college, but this skills were kept because I haven't had the chance to play since I started working in a corporate environment.  I just realized that I missed Billiards that bad, we haven't noticed that we are already playing for 3 hours. Smile We headed off to SM City Iloilo to buy something before I jump off to my next destination.  She offered to take me to Tagbak Terminal where all busses and jeepneys going to different parts of Iloilo and the rest of the Panay Island were stationed.  We passed by Jaro Church and of course, instinct calls, we passed by a Bell Tower and a structured church. We pulled over, I took pictures of the place and off to another destination. 
Thank you Ems for that wonderful afternoon ride in Iloilo.  I promise to go back to Iloilo and explore the place myself.

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