Tuesday, June 12, 2012

How To Plan a Solo Travel

Solo Traveling trips can be extremely dangerous. Before you decide to take the risk, courage check and also take the time to know the place your going to. Of course, no matter how fearless you are, but given that the place is just too risky, why will you go? With that said, there are also rewards along with the risk.  Solo Travel  is a great escape from the insanity of the modern world.  Traveling alone  allows you to soak in nature without the constant interaction that a chatter partner would provide.  However, without another pair of hands, feet, and eyes, the dangers of solo travel increase exponentially.
Here are the tips I can give to those who wanted to take the first step of exploring the world alone:
  1.  Know the risk – know the place your going.   Anytime you venture out to new places, always take time to prepare. Do a lot of research about the transportation, the accommodations, and the culture of the place.  Check all the rules of your chosen destination well beforehand so that the trip can be as memorable and fun as it can be.  Take advantage of the modern world now with the aid of world wide web, there are a lot of bloggers posting helpful tips about places they have been to, you can take some of their ideas especially the tourist spots and the “how-to-get-there’ tips that they have posted.  It can also be helpful to get a map yourself so you get directions of each and every preferred destinations.
  2. Let several people know your plans. First off, get a map of the area, and plot your general course for the duration of the trip. You may find this constricting, but is it vital (in case of something bad happening) for rescue crews to pinpoint your probable location. Either show this plan, or email it to several friends.  What I usually do is to maximize the usage of social networking by updating my status every departure and arrival on a particular place
  3. Be Ready for Anything – Be Flexible. A cellphone,  some change and bills on your pocket will really help. Although this travel has been prepared well, its inevitable that there might be alterations and you will end up changing what has originally been set. Do not just go on travelling within your set budget, it can be lower than expected and sometimes more expensive, but you need to get ready for anything that will happen along the way.
  4. Pack Well – Just bring the basics but the necessary ones.  This is my favorite part of the planning process. Packing of things can be tricky if you don’t know the basics. First you have to prepare clothes and underwear needed based on the number of days that you will be travelling.  If your going to beaches, then a pair of beach wear is necessary and do not forget the sunblock to protect you from the scourging heat of the sun. If you will opt for a mountain resort, then you  may want to bring long shirts that can protect you from the changing temperature once you reach the resort and also from the bugs that might prick you along the way. However, it is important to not pack to heavily, as a heavier pack is more likely to cause injury, which is exactly what we're trying to avoid. Not only that it will cause injury but this will decrease the fun of your journey especially if you need to hop from one city to another that requires changing of accommodation too.
  5. Make friends along the trail. Travellers by nature are usually very nice and open to people. Stop to chat if they seem in the mood. The exchange of information will usually give you clues to how the trail is up ahead, and increases both your safety, and theirs. Not only that, they can be useful to take pictures too and make the moment more memorable.
  6. Be Smart and Use Common Sense. In other words: Don't do anything stupid. You are in a foreign place and safety should always be your main priority. Remember, no one is there to laugh if you hurt yourself, or get lost which means no one is there to help you back up, too.
  7. Bring a sense of Adventure and Enjoy. Despite the dire picture I painted, the peace and silence of a solo trip can make all the potential problems seem like a small price. Enjoy the freedom of moving about in unspoiled wilderness without distractions.

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