Friday, September 14, 2012

The Manila Ocean Park Solo Trip–Finally, the long wait is Over!

I've been to Manila a lot of times, it has always been part of my my itinerary to drop by Manila Ocean Park but most of my friends discouraged me as its overrated and all the negative stuff about the place to make me change my mind. Finally, I've decided to visit this place… alone (so I can avoid any discouragement).manila-ocean-park
Mark the date, September 14, 2012.    Manila Ocean Park is a state-of-the art Oceanarium located at Manila Bay right behind Quirino Grandstand.  A lot of attractions you can enjoy for a fun day adventure.  Join me as I indulge myself to this fun filled day at the Manila Ocean Park.
I wanted to make sure that this is worth a day spending so I bought myself a ticket that includes everything for Php 900.00
Marine Life Encounter, The Oceanarium, The Bird Show, Trails to Antartica, The Jellies and Then Musical Fountain Show.

I arrived at the park around 2 in the afternoon. Just in time for Marine Life Show,  bringing out the child in me. I enjoyed these sea creatures . They dance, swim and boast their intellect that amused the audience.

Right after the show, I proceed to the oceanarium. Here are some facilities you can enjoy: Agos (Flow), Bahura (Reef), Laot (Fishing Ground), Buhay na Karagatan (The Living Ocean), Ang Kalaliman (The Deep), Pating (Shark) and lastly Pagi (StingRay). This attraction features freshwater fishes, corals and other marine life creatures. As I can remember, I've spent 2 hours roaming this part of the park.


Here in Agos, Ive seen the biggest aquarium fishes. I remembered the white and green Arwana that I used to have.  This one is the biggest I've ever seen so far.
What's good and exciting about this part (The Reef) is that you’ll be amazed with the coral forms with its colors and shapes as well as the creatures living in it. There were fishes that looked scary some were funny  but most of them were tiny and very colorful.



Sharks as I have known were really fierce.. they indeed can capture your attention, one wrong move and you will be catching your life.  As of the moment, they’re quiet and sleeping I guess… shhhhhh Smile

The Sting Ray looks very cute to me although I've read online that they are part of the shark families (doesn’t look like one).  I'm just amazed of its shape and at the same time the way this creature swam, its very smooth and graceful. Smile

These are the five fishes that I loved the most while feasting my eyes to underwater creatures:
Clown Fish, Angel Fish, LongHorn Cowfish, SnowFlake Muray Eel and the Lion Fish.

After my Oceanarium tour, I then headed off back to the grandstand to witness the bird show.. Waaaaah, its not just a bird show coz there is a snake.  The bird danced, played basketball, and we challenged it to do some mathematics, and yeah, the bird was smart. Just the usual bird show, nothing significant. (I just had to watch it because I paid for it Smile with tongue out) The show lasted for 30 minutes.

After the bird show, I headed off to the Jellies.  I don’t know what in store for me there, hmmm let’s see.

I don’t know what's inside when I got in, but yeah, this is the best place in the park.
WELCOME : Jellies – Dancing Sea Fairies
The room is dark and all you can see are creatures floating, seemed like dancing and very colorful (because of the lighting effect) but nevertheless, I enjoyed this part of the tour.
A background: Jellyfish are typified as free-swimming marine animals consisting of gelatinous umbrella-shaped bell and trailing tentacles.  The bell can pulsate for locomotion, while singing tentacles can be used to capture prey.  They feed mostly on planktonic organisms  and small fishes.  Venom injected by a few species  of jellyfish may be strong enough to kill 60 people! Whoa!
There are a lot of jellyfish scattered wherever you may go and can be nuisance to swimmers and  beach goer because of their stings .  Recent study shows that one of the reason why they are increasing rapidly because of global climate change as well as overfishing.  Good thing we  got some of them here, they can entertain and amuse instead of annoying us.

After the amusing Jelly show, I went up straight to the Trails of Antartica, brrrr…from the name itself, its friggin’ cold.  As I walk through the hallway, I can feel the change of temperature, but I'm not yet there. Before I went inside the snow village, I tried the slide o fun, nothing special though, you will sit in one tube and then will be pushed to the other side and then your done Smile. After which, I passed through the penguin exhibit, they’re not the usual penguins we can see on TV and movies, they are just swimming to and fro.  Several minutes of prepping , I went inside a very cold room, and that’s the first time I experienced walking on the snow, its fun though but I think I will not last for a day, its too cold for
me.. for the record, I lasted 5 minutes inside that room.  I planned to stay longer, but my body says “go out, if you still love your life” LOL, as what they say the spirit is willing but the body is weak..hahahaha.. that’s a once in a lifetime experience that made me realize I am good living in a tropical country so I wont experience winter as I may not be able to survive.
After that nerve chilling experience, I stopped at the food park to eat. Will wait for the start of another show… the culmination of it all. The highlight for this trip. The MUSICAL FOUNTAIN SHOW. 

One of the best and unforgettable attraction of the Manila Ocean Park is this one. It’s a 30 minute show of synchronized and alternated display of water, lights, fire and fireworks.It is one of the attractions, that kids, kids by heart and kids by feeling will surely enjoy. Seating is on a first come fist serve  basis at the Musical Show.  Before the start of the show at 630 pm be sure to check in so you will grab the best seat with the best view. On the entrance gate the crew will give you a plastic coat which will serve as your protection against the haze coming from the water fountains which can be blown by air toward uncertain directions. The show is a type of animated fountain for entertainment purposed that creates an aesthetics design sometimes 3D images.
Be one of the spectators of this spectacular show  and you will surely go home telling everyone about this great experience.
I am glad that I visited this place despite all the discouragement. Its even worthy of  my restday and money and yeah, I enjoyed this trip big time!