Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Am I a Traveler?

Since I started working and was able to afford getting myself a decent vacation, I was never contented on going to places I can just reach anytime I wanted to. I wanted to go to these places for several reasons:

  • I wanted to move away from my urban life or escape maybe from the toxic world I'm in.
  • I wanted to stepped into these places that I am just looking at maps and books before. (dream turning into reality)
  • I wanted to discover new cultures and lifestyle from these places.
  • I wanted to assess myself where i wanted to be and create a better and wider perspective of the world and grow as a person.
  • I wanted to fulfill a dream of exploring the country in my own way.
  • I wanted to capture beautiful moments through the lenses of my camera (the reason why I didn't settle for a point and shoot one *wink*)

These are some of the few reasons I can think of right now why i always want to travel. Aside from that, my adventure-seeking spirit is also fueling this desire. My never ending curiosity because of the frequent write ups I read through the post of travel bloggers I'm following.

So, if I have this desire of exploring and being into new places most of the time, am I considered a traveler? My officemates would sometimes tease me as the Local Dora because i always roam and go to places alone.  Will this sole reason be a definition for being a traveler? I've been to a lot of places, famous and sometimes off beaten, but I still don't have a clear definition on who i really am, but definitely not a traveler. Maybe I just love to travel, I am just giving justice to myself by doing what I love to do.  Traveler for me is a heavy word that can only be associated to a person who wont live a day not in the road or maybe in a place that he/she is destined to be. The truth is that I don’t really care. I don’t want to complicate my already complicated life thinking of putting a label on what I'm fond of doing. I spent a lot of time thinking whether I am really a writer, an artist, or whatever. But today, I just do what I want to do. I think that’s the most important thing. You are living with your passion.

As what I always say “Life is meant to be lived, not to be watched”

Travelers don’t become travelers because they call themselves that. The love of traveling comes first.

So am I a traveler?


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