Sunday, January 27, 2013

My First Ever Trail Run – Sight Seeing at Campuestohan

I'm making a comeback on running… After a long time. This is just part of the changes i wanna make for 2013.  Ive joined several marathons but this is the first adventure trail run I ever experienced. As expected, no matter how fast I am, but i guess i need more endurance and stamina in terms of uphill running. It’s kinda steep but the views are spectacular.  I was worried last night because the weather is a bit gloomy and might rain in the morning during the run which wil537839_393720340722191_703420386_nl of course prevent me from continuing. But God has been great, He blessed us with great weather for this event. 
Bantay Bata Adventure Trail consisted 3 events… 20 KM bike, 10 KM Run and 8 KM walk.  All event should simultaneously start at 530 AM but there was a delay  because according to the organizer, the trail is a bit dark than expected. So we waited for at least the Sunrise to start the event. We left the starting point at exactly 6 in the morning.  All runners are very excited just like me, run at medium pace but it slowed down when we started trekking the side of the mountainous area of Alangilan. So the Run event became “Walk” for most of the runners :) Even the bikers sometimes would stop and drag their bikes if its too steep of bumpy. So maybe i am not alone :)
  As expected, locals became spectator of the event.  Some are waving and smiling back to us when we greeted them with smiles.  After an hour of running on flat grounds, the challenge started when the we passed Alangilan ang trekking all the way up to Campuestohan, but there are great landscapes surrounding that makes this trail run very memorable for me. It’s  my first time to go Campuestohan and I wanna take advantage of the event. I paid Php 150.00 for the registration which of course gave me some freebies and a shirt at the same time it will cover entrance fee on the resort which is the same rate :)
The Off Beaten Trail RunWP_000102
WP_000097 Some of the participants did not make it until the finish line and gave along the way, there were marshals roaming around and you can just ride a vehicle when its seems difficult for you to continue. At the back of the mind, no matter how difficult this trail, i will finish it.  And yeah, I did it after 2 hours and 15 minutes. Tired but smiling when I ended and made my way to the finish line.
When we arrived, there were food served and at the same time a short program with awarding ceremony for the winners.
A group of aerobic dance club also performed during the program. They danced the all time “Gangnam Style” This brought smiles on the spectators.
I am just happy that i set my foot on Campuestohan and reached the finish line unscarred. Although my feet were really tired, but I ended up smiling and feeling grateful.

Of course as expected, I waWP_000107nted to roam around and discover how great this place. I am overwhelmed with all the images ive seen online and it did not diWP_000136sappoint me.   The newest tourist attraction in Negros Occidental. The Campuestohan Highland Resort. The best place when it comes to providing the best view of Negros Occidental.  Nestled in one of the highest peaks of a mountain bordered by Bacolod City and Talisay City, the five-hectare Campuestohan Highland Resort offers the beWP_000137st panoramic view of Negros, and even overlooking the seas and island of Panay.
You can see all the beauty from Campuestohan Highland Resort, which is about 40 minutes from the downtown area, located on the border of Bacolod City and Talisay City. Pass through Barangay Granada in Bacolod City and follow the signs. It is an uphill ride to Campuestohan Highland Resort. Admission is P150 per head and includes use of the swimming pool. A cottage rental for the day starts at P600, which includes a BBQ grill. Campuestohan Highland Resort is such a wonderful place to spend the day during a family outing.

Take a look at the shots I got in  my short visit.WP_000145WP_000130WP_000133WP_000135WP_000139WP_000108


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