Friday, March 1, 2013

Lakbay Norte 2013 – Life’s a Beach and little else In Pagudpud

Early summer break? Nah! The final destination of our Northern Adventure is the hidden treasure of a great place in Pagudpud. As always, the people are as nice and as accommodating as i met them last year. It’s just so nice seeing that their has been a significant progress since the last time I visited the place. Kuya Ruben and her Family expanded their homestay business, it just put a smile on my face.

From Laoag – we were stranded and missed the last plighted bus to Pagudpud. So we waited for a long distance trip bus bound to Claveria and will just be dropped off to Pagudpud.  Kuya Ruben’s wife has been very kind and thoughtful checking us from time to time if we already boarded the bus and whereabouts.  We arrived 11 pm in Pagudpud, and Kuya Ruben fetch us at the Market. We paid Php 250.00 each for our stay a decent room for us to stay overnight before we start our adventure.

Our Room


Experiencing Sunrise in Pagudpud Beach


Rave Run in Saud Beach Pagudpud


Our Humble Home in Pagudpud


After that early morning dip at the beach we then prepared ourselves to start our official Pagudpud Northern Tour.  First Stop is the Kabigan Falls. Yes, I didn’t bother going here last year due to time constraint, but this time, its a priority.  It’s a 120 feet high waterfalls protected by tall trees and luscious shrubs. 30 minute lazy trek to be able to experience a refreshing breeze of Kabigan Falls.  There is a 20 pesos entrance fee at the jump off point where you will be assigned an official trek guide going to the falls.  Along the way you will enjoy the verdant panorama and the cold freshwater along the trail will definitely add too your excitement. It’s a very light mountain trek so expect no concrete pavements. Flip Flops or sandals is the advisable footwear on this trek because you will pass by small streams, soft mud and few rocky trail. The locals made my trek really easy for you. They made makeshift bridges with handrails on a few slopes along the trail.



  After Kabigan Falls, we head to Patapat Viaduct for an early morning exercise… JumpShots ^_^



Next Stop is the Agua Grande, its just a short stop over as the place is perfect for picnics :) The water is just so blue and a perfect view where water converges from the mountain to the sea.



This is the Paraiso ni Anton, a mini waterfalls which is said to gush out miraculous water.


Side Trips to the ShipWreck, Bantay Abot and Timangtang Rock Formations.

IMG_4703 IMG_4704 IMG_4710






Dos Hermanas, the Blue Lagoon and Hannah’s Beach Resort. I will definitely go back to Pagudpud knowing that the longest Zip Line above water is currently located here. 1.5 kilometers of flying passing mountains and seas.

IMG_4715 IMG_4720 IMG_4722 IMG_4729





We left Pagudpud at around 4 PM with happy smiles for the adventures.  Reached Laoag after 2 hours of travel and we were so hungry and ended up eating in an Ylocano Restaurant recommended by the tricycle drivers. We were so disappointed with the food, but since we were all so hungry, we just ate what was there.










We got Lumpia Shanghai, Pork Sinigang and was very disappointed with the Dinuguan Pizza :(










We departed Laoag around 830 in the evening via a deluxe bus from Partas Liner. This is my first time to get into a sleeper bus and I got a great ride :) 

This Pagudpud Tour made me wanted to go back often, aside from the great people ive met along the way, there are just a lot of things that I need to discover more in this place. I’m thinking of just spending a day or two bumming in Saud Beach Resort without thinking of anything.  I would love to do that in the near future, maybe with someone special and dear to me ^_^.

Till my next escapade in the Northern Part of Luzon.

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About The Blue Rider

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You know the reasons why I  travel? To seize life and live it as its bound to be. You will never know how things going to turn out. We can plan it, hope it, dream it! But what comes down to is this: Your life is made up of moments, some may be fleecy but all defining. Its what you do with these moments that sums up the whole of your life.  Some of these moments will change who you are… forever!!!

I just wanted to fulfill a dream...a dream to travel as far as I can and be able to influence and inspire other people to do the same. Oh yeah, before I forget, you don't need to be a millionaire to be able to do this. You just need to have a bunch of adventurous spirit, curiosity, and perseverance and a little help from your paycheck.  They always say, if there's a will, there's always a way.  I don't see myself just sitting on a chair facing a computer and talking to people and just doing reports. I don't want to get bored. So I promised myself to live simply. WORK-LIFE Balance and live life as it's bound to be lived... TO THE FULLEST!

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