Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Is this what I really wanted?

I know a lot people may have the same thoughts right at this very moment. Not knowing what you want in life or simply you just don’t know where present leads you. I have been scribbling this thoughts earlier while at work; asking myself: Am I really supposed to be where I am right now? Is this what’s destined for me to do? Am I with the right person as of this time? Or am i just stressing and forcing myself to love and like the situation?

Honestly, I don’t even know the answers yet. I am still in my life’s crossroads. Come to think of it, I am in my late 20s i suppose but I still don’t know what I wanted. Maybe a ME time is what I really needed. Time where I can just be with myself and look back what happened in the past. I can’t be more than grateful though for everything that has happened to me last year, both my career and personal life. I have regained back my senses, hopefully this time I am making the right choice even though I am uncertain about the future. I guess that’s how future has been designed, to be uncertain.

I've read a lot of articles about being grateful and looking on things positively and I am applying them.  Weird thing is, the more i got exposed on the different perspective about life, the more I realized that I am living without a purpose. I hope in the coming days, I will realize what the hell is my reason for existing here on earth.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Head starting 2014: The City in the Forest

As I was always singing…you were just a dream that I once knew. Yes, it was long overdue.
Arriving in PPS with so much excitement. I guess I am overwhelmed with the things I am about to discover, places I am about to explore and of course the fun this place can offer. I promised myself to start the year right and be back on track in pursuing my goal to travel around the Philippines. The more places i can visit, the more satisfied i will become.  So i hit the road to adventure.
I booked a flight Jan 16-19 2014 via Tiger Air Philippines. Yes I got it on bargain price Php1,140 roundtrip. My travel dates were not during peak season but as to avoid any inconvenience, I reserved my accommodation and got some of the tour packages this island has ahead of time.
I am  a traveler by heart and as much as I wanted to cut cost during this trip I guess this is just the efficient way of doing it. I guess this works for all solo travelers out there. The good thing about the tour packages is that it's is being billed per person. You will be with other travelers during the duration of the tour and that makes it more exciting. So there, a week of preparation for both the places I wanted to set foot on and and at the same time the accommodation.
I chose to book a reservation in Duchess Pension as i got good reviews as well from this place. In my own terms, no cons or whatsoever. It's just very accessible to the market and near the main street of Puerto Princesa. Just a short walk you can see pharmacies, banks, fast food chains etc. So I got all my needs covered by taking this one. As most everyone are aware than I am a shoe-string traveler so what more can you expect. I got the solo budget room for only Php250.00/night and i am staying here for three nights and that makes it Php 750.00 for the entire stay. Not bad! What I love about this one is you get to have your own private room. I've stayed in most dormitel during my travel so that makes this one  special. :) you know what I mean. What's good about staying in these types of accommodation is that they have common area like dining, lounge and living area where you and the rest of the guests staying can get bonded over a cup of coffee or short conversation while watching TV shows. The place is well lit and at the same time clean. They have a mini restaurant but the foods served were breakfast meals. They also have kitchen just in case you wanted to cook your own food to save some bucks.  A separate  review will be created for this newly discovered Backpackers Haven.
DuchessI arrived past 6 in the evening Puerto Princesa I hired a tricycle to Duchess Pension and paid Php50.00.
So not to be taken advantage of, what I usually do the moment I arrived in a place I would look for either the nearest Tourism Booth or Police Officer on duty to assist me. There were only two types of Public Transportation within the city: Tricycle and MultiCab (Jeepneys) .Am so tired and hungry...I found myself walking in the middle of Rizal street looking for a place to feed my tummy. I landed in Edwin's Dimsum House...hmmm...they served Filipino Dishes contrary to its name. Generous serving and tastes good. I call it a day and lights off at around 830 in the evening in preparation of my early morning tour to the underground cave. Schedule pick up time is 7 in the morning.

I woke up early in the morning at 5AM and prep myself. I need to be fueled up before this tour starts. So I grab my feet and walk towards Rizal Avenue again and spotted Jollibee! Bida ang saya..lol..it was never intended to be like this but in almost all of my travel whenever I get to see Jollibee I cant help myself  but stop and of course dine.
At exactly 7 in the morning I got picked up to start this whole day of adventure. Gladly, there were two guests coming from the same place joining our tour. So, I got instant friends, Leyne and Jon, the love birds. So off we go and dropped by on some other pension houses and hotels to complete the 12 people for our group. According to our guide Mitch the tour has been cancelled since Tuesday because of the weather, but, I guess I am so lucky that everything fall into places when i came. I didn't have to experience rescheduling my itinerary and ruin my trip, well I guess ‘ruin’ may not be appropriate because I am so flexible and i can go with flow. But I was lucky enough that they have resumed it today. The underground cave  is approximately 8.2 km but tourist are only allowed to cruise 1.5 kms the rest of it can navigated by researchers and those who have other purpose aside from tourism. In addition to such, permits of obtaining more than the allowed is a bit tedious.
IMG_7280 IMG_7282 IMG_7284
Yes, solo flighted as it is and this is the part where I am enjoying coz i don't have to care for anyone except myself and whatever i have in mind. Also, the good thing about being alone is you don't isolate yourself talking to just the people you know, it gives you time to reach out interact with other people and in the end make friends with them. Being in a solo trip isn't bad after all, you gain loads of information because all you need to do is listen to people talking and at the same time make new set of friends. The road leading to the Underground River is winding and a bit rough. Expectation has been set already so no surprises along the way. Expecting more people to see later due to the delay in some of the tours these past few days. Whatever I'll get to discover  here will be carved in my travelers spirit.  There is one stop over on our way to Sabang the jump off to the underground river. It’s a viewing deck, refreshment and souvenir center.
Past 9 in the morning we arrived at Sabang Port, and as expected, there were hundreds of tourist flocking due to the rescheduled tour. So we waited in line for roughly 2 hours before we cross the open sea to the Underground River. So to kill time, i took some photos of the place.
IMG_7286 IMG_7287 IMG_7290
Finally, we were called and we started the 20 minutes motorized boat ride to to underground river.  When we finally landed at the entrance, I am very excited to have a glimpse of the newest hailed 7 wonders of nature and I am proud that it’s from the Philippines.
IMG_7317 IMG_7321 IMG_7323
Before reaching the other side of the island where the actual underground river tour will start you will pass by a trail where you can see monkeys and monitor lizards known to locals as "bayawak" They were just  free to roam around, so friendly and know how to project on camera.
 IMG_7435  IMG_7437
After a short walk, there will be a small paddle boat that will used to get inside the underground cave.  This is it, i am actually here, seeing the entrance of the cave is such an accomplishment, I am no longer just dreaming of this place, but will be experiencing it in a little while.
IMG_7336 IMG_7344 IMG_7346 The underground river is about 40 minutes ride to and fro according to the tour guide. We are not allowed to use flash cameras inside as this will disturb the bats inside. Safety first, we have to wear helmets too. The guide will be sitting on the end part of the boat and there will be one volunteer guest to sit in front that will serve as the light of the entire troop inside. He/she will be responsible holding the spot light and show us the way or point to the stones/carvings that the guide will show us. My apologies as I didn't really took good images inside as it’s so dark and I am busy in appreciating the beauty of nature inside the cave. So I guess, that makes this trip more exciting because in order for you to appreciate what’s inside, you have to see it for yourself.
After roughly an hour of floating inside the underground river, I am just so happy that I finally experienced how it feels to be floating inside it.   Then off we went back to Sabang port to have our lunch as this is part of the tour package.  After feasting for a delicious seafood platter, we headed off back to the city. I felt so tired and slept the moment I felt the comfort of my bed.
I am supposed to have my city tour in the morning. I thought making a DIY city tour will be a great way to explore the place but unfortunately i wasn't able to do so. So i booked an afternoon city tour. I just roam around in the morning and headed to Kalui for lunch.  Details of the Dining Barefooted at Kalui Restaurant

After a hearty lunch, i went back to Duchess to wait for the start of my City Tour. I paid Php 600.00 for the half day city tour and will be dropped to bay walk for my bay cruise dinner and firefly watching.  So, we are a group of 13 in the city tour. The city tour started in Puerto Princesa Baywalk, it’s also beside the Port.  Here you can stroll, jog, walk,dine and have some fun. People say it’s best to go here during the  night.
Built sometime in the 1940s, Plaza Cuartel once served as a stronghold of American and Filipino soldiers until they were overrun by Japanese invaders. The stronghold, once a haven of our brave warriors, became a prison.As we entered the Plaza, I immediately saw this menacing, foreboding looking iron gate. Behind it is a story of horror and incalculable suffering. The emaciated bust vividly showed how the starved and abused prisoners must have looked like. We offered a salute for these heroes. Despite the gloomy history of the place, Plaza Cuartel has become a popular haven for the locals. The plaza is designed as a classic, verdant Pinoy-style park that can be seen in many towns and cities nationwide.Large trees provide cool shade for those who want to seek refuge from the burning tropical sun.
IMG_7503 IMG_7505 IMG_7508 IMG_7510

Across Plaza Cuartel is this neo-classical church called the Immaculate Conception Cathedral. It was built in the late 1800s in tribute to the Immaculate Conception of Mary, who is the patron saint of Puerto Princesa. I got the chance to peep the interiors of the church. According to our guide, this church is the tallest building in Puerto Princesa.
IMG_7513 IMG_7520
Formerly known as the Crocodile Farm and Nature Farm,  Palwan Wildlife Rescue and Conservation Center serves as the sanctuary of the endangered Philippine Crocodiles. Aside from crocodiles, the center takes care of other animals like ostriches and endemic to the island of Palawan like the bearcat.
At the main hall of the main building, a skeleton of a huge sea water crocodile is encased in a glass chest.  And on the wall beside it hangs the skin of the said crocodile.  This crocodile was caught somewhere in island and was killed after it devoured a child.    This remains of the crocodile showcases how big salt water crocodiles can grow.  IMG_7537
A few meters from main hall, is the Hatchling House.   Here, crocodiles are taken cared by the conservation center and are segregated into different levels of maturity from egg to a few months old.   The hatchling house has a main walkway in the middle where visitors are allowed to pass through the building.  On each side of the path walk are dozens of white basins that contain up to about 20 crocodile hatchlings.  The further into the building, the older crocodile hatchlings are contained.    There is a warning on guests to not extend any body part into the basins as the baby crocs snap and sometimes leap from the basin. IMG_7545 IMG_7548 Before heading to the wildlife forest, you will pass by the bearcat’s cage.
The Sta. Monica Ranch or most commonly known as Mitra Ranch is located uphill of Sta. Monica, Puerto Princesa, it is basically a ranch with cows and horses, with vast land and a beautiful view deck. This is owned by the Philippine Senator Ramon Mitra.  What makes this place different is its location. It gives you a beautiful view of the sea, the mountains and the city. Sta. Monica offers the most breathtaking view of Palawan. It is a  hundred feet above the rest of the city, giving you the nicest view of Puerto Princesa. The place made me relax, inhale the fresh air, enjoy the very moment where I see green landscape amid blue background.
IMG_7562 IMG_7565 IMG_7574 IMG_7577
Baker's Hill first started as a simple bakery. It has a mini park back then, but now you'll see that it already have a wide theme park with new establishments such as, the baker's kitchen, pizza house, hula shake, snack bar, souvenir shop, view deck, etc. The best Ube Hopia ive ever tasted. :)
Off we went back to the city and I was dopped off to Bay walk for my firefly watching and bay cruise.  It has been a tiring day but the adventure isn’t over yet.  I wasnt able to take pictures during the firely watching because flash photography is not allowed. So i only got few shots from the dinner we had on the boat with new found adventurer Maria from Netherlands and couple on vacation Ven and Liz.
IMG_7630 IMG_7631 IMG_7633
As my vacation is finally coming to an end,  I had a sidetrip at the Kuyba Almoneca, ate the famous Chaolong and dropped by the Provincial Capitol before heading to the airport.
Kuyba Almoneca and Meditation garden is somehow in the outskirts part of City and not known to many. I am just so glad that the tricycle driver i got offered to bring me here. Entrance fee is Php 50.00 and you will have a guided tour. My tourguide was Jackson.
IMG_7638 IMG_7641
Kuyba Almoneca is private property. Jackson told me that the couple who  owns this lot bought it for the purpose of mining. It was named after Allen, Monalisa, Neil, Monica at Almoneca. But they discovered a cave. Cave with various formations of stalactites and stalagmites. But what makes this cave special is the formation of the Holy Face of Jesus. They also put some statues of saints inside the cave.
They have gardens, chapels, overnight stay room, function halls and restaurant.
IMG_7691 IMG_7692

This trip will not be complete without  Chaolong – The Famous Vietnamese Cuisine in Palawan.
What is Chaolong?
Chaolong is made of rice noodles in sweet broth and meat that can be garnished with bean sprouts and mint leaves. It is composed of flat, thin rice noodles in a sweet-savory broth with meat of either beef, buto-buto or beef bones and pork, served with the requisite plate containing sprigs of mint and basil, raw bean sprouts and a piece of kalamansi.
There are a lot of Vietnamese eatery that offers this rice-based noodle soup. Combined with garlic bread and cold softdrink, I satisfied myself with this noodle. Though this one is a variety yet it still has the taste unique in it.
It was a short trip to the City in the Forest and I must say, i had the grandest time not only because of the places I've been through, the food i feasted to satisfy my taste buds, above all, the friendliest people i encounter in Palawan. As i said, they were not only protected by nature, they are indeed blessed by God because they know how to be accountable on what was given to them. No words may be able to perfectly describe it but this is what i feel about PUERTO PRINCESA CITY:
Topping the list is when i saw the ground crew including the guards waving at us when we were about to take off. This struck me big time, i have been to the labeled friendliest city in the country but i never encountered something like this. As my shirt shouts: I LOVE PALAWAN!

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Dining Barefooted at Kalui Restaurant

I heard about Kalui from a friend prior to visiting Puerto Princesa City. So why should I miss this chance to dine in the restaurant? I’ve read a lot of good reviews about it. On my second day I reserved a lunch date at Kalui. The reservation should be at 12 noon but as I am too excited to see the place myself and experience what I’ve read, I came 30 minutes ahead of the appointment.
IMG_7491 I guess the picture and text above will provide the information you need about the hours of operation. Kalui is  a famous seafood restaurant in Puerto Princesa. It’s intricately design to give guests and diners a homey feel.  .You have to  make reservation as well if you plan to drop by as the restaurant is usually fully booked during peak hours when tourists wanted to dine, Kalui is on top of the list.
IMG_7485After the guard at the entrance, there’s a nice landscaped garden with fountains and sculptures. I wasn't disappointed when I entered the restaurant, I was greeted with great smiles from the staff. The restaurant has a native feel, so homey and clean too. You wouldn't mind to walk barefoot because every footwear should be left before entering the restaurant. Your footwear will be placed in small lockers.  IMG_7486As soon as I placed my footwear inside the locker, the staff guided me to the table reserved for me in their restaurant. They offer a wide variety of menu which depends on the fresh catch of the day. Everything on the menu are seafood's and vegetables which includes sashimi, tempura, shellfish soup, sinigang, baked mussel and of course fishes from grilled to steamed and many more.

Let’s take a glimpse of Kalui’s interior. While waiting for my food to be served, i took the liberty to walk around and capture some of the best spots I found very amusing inside this restaurant. The native wooden house was just filled with art work. My eyes feasted on colorful paintings and photographs, and sculptures hanging on the wall. KaLui has small exhibit area at the back part of the restaurant where dozens of paintings are showcased. Some of them are said to be of local artists’. Besides the usual tables and chairs, KaLui has a few low tables and pillows resting on a banig one corner of the restaurant  for customers who prefer to sit on a matted wooden floor. Despite the fact the restaurant was not airconditioned, I like the ambience – cool fresh air breezing through the restaurant and light music.
What i got for lunch: One serving of white rice, fried eggplant, a slice of grilled tuna, pickled papaya and sea grapes paired with ripe mango shake. After I wiped out my plates, the waiter asked if he could serve my dessert – a complimentary serving of mixed tropical fruits sprinkled with cinnamon on top in a half coconut shell. I was surprised and happy at the same time. The free dessert was yummy and, with my tummy full.


IMG_7475 IMG_7479
A great dining experience in Kalui Restaurant, something to unique from the rest of the restaurant I’ve been to.
KaLui Restaurant
369 Rizal Avenue
Puerto Princesa City, Palawan
Opens Daily
*Sundays Lunch 11-2pm; Dinner 6:00-10:30pm
Reservations Requested:(048) 433 2580 / Ask your hotel front desk to call the restaurant to reserve seat/s for you
Visit KaLui's Website