Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Is this what I really wanted?

I know a lot people may have the same thoughts right at this very moment. Not knowing what you want in life or simply you just don’t know where present leads you. I have been scribbling this thoughts earlier while at work; asking myself: Am I really supposed to be where I am right now? Is this what’s destined for me to do? Am I with the right person as of this time? Or am i just stressing and forcing myself to love and like the situation?

Honestly, I don’t even know the answers yet. I am still in my life’s crossroads. Come to think of it, I am in my late 20s i suppose but I still don’t know what I wanted. Maybe a ME time is what I really needed. Time where I can just be with myself and look back what happened in the past. I can’t be more than grateful though for everything that has happened to me last year, both my career and personal life. I have regained back my senses, hopefully this time I am making the right choice even though I am uncertain about the future. I guess that’s how future has been designed, to be uncertain.

I've read a lot of articles about being grateful and looking on things positively and I am applying them.  Weird thing is, the more i got exposed on the different perspective about life, the more I realized that I am living without a purpose. I hope in the coming days, I will realize what the hell is my reason for existing here on earth.

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