Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Eat Explore Experience Sagada – Explore Series (Spelunking at Sumaguing Cave)

There are lots activities in store for you if you come to Sagada and most of  them deals with walking, hiking and trekking.  Always secure a local guide/escort for a safe adventure.

After having lunch at Yoghurt House, we start prepping for our Spelunking activity at Sumaguing Cave.  We took the Short Course Caving as we start late in the afternoon. The estimated 1 1/2 hour of exploration turned out to be 3 hours. LOL

Sumaguing Cave is approximately 30 mins to an hour depending on how physically fast you are from the town center. While walking towards Sumaguing Cave, we pass by the view point of Hanging Coffins and Rice Terraces.

Hanging Coffin ViewPoint 

The Rice Terraces of Sagada
IMG_7988 IMG_7990
When we reach the drop off point for Sumaguing Cave we showed our registration receipt and the lady told us not to lose it as we need it on every destination that we wanna go to.
Our Short Course Caving will start from the mouth of Sumaguing Cave and will be climbing back the same route once done. The cave has huge opening and chamber , there’s also a huge tunnel at the end part of wherein we have to wade through waist deep water or skip by passing another route.  From the entrance our guide gave us a briefing of the three divisions of the cave: Slippery Rocks, Bat Kingdom and Rock Formation.
Entrance of Sumaguing Cave
Proof that it’s indeed slippery inside the cave, I have to take off my slippers as I felt safe without them.
IMG_8005 IMG_8006

After the slippery rocks, we passed by the bat kingdom but i wasnt able to take pictures. There were dripping bat dung along the way, well yeah it’s just part of the adventure. LOL The last part/section of the cave are the amazing rock formation where rappelling and boulder climbing is required.

The Awesome Rock Formation Inside the Cave

Rappelling Inside Sumaguing Cave


We survived the Sumaguing Cave exploration and it was such an amazing and memorable experience. Different from other Caving activities I have gone through. I guess one of the reasons why most of the shirt have “Survivor” theme. Indeed it’s rewarding and will take pride of saying, “I am a Sagada Survivor”. The feeling was indescribable the moment i saw these rock formations, finally stepping inside this cave and seeing them with my own two eyes is such an achievement. So don’t miss this Adventure when you find yourself in the ruggedly enchanting town of Sagada.

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