Monday, February 24, 2014

Eat Explore Experience Sagada – A Trek to Pong-as Falls

There were 2 falls you can go to when your in Sagada: Pongas and Bomod-ok falls. Our guide Pas laid out the features of both falls and the time we need to trek including the trails along the way. So we then decided to just go to Pong as falls instead. 

Another memorable experience while going to Pong as Falls was when we finally get a chance to ride a jeep, this time topload. Wohooo! The road is winding and a bit scary. This isn't my first time to topload though but its still worth a try in Sagada. It's an enjoyable 20 minutes topload ride to the drop off point. 

Toploading in Sagada


It's roughly an hour trek from the drop off town and you will be rewarded with clear waterfalls.  Though this is a simple trek but i tell you its no joke as its a tiring one.  Aside from the amazing water falls passing by the rice plantation is also a scene you shouldn't miss. Seeing how the locals resisted the heat of the sun when planting those will make you feel grateful for every grain you have in your plate. Aside from that you need to be careful as well as the trail will lead you to walk on the edge of the mountain and climbing at almost 90 degree uphill. Going near the waterfalls itself poses a great deal of courage and strength as you will be passing through slippery and huge rocks. You need to climb it too to reach the basin a take a dip. Since its too cold and i don't really have any plans of swimming, i just enjoyed soaking my feet and taking pictures of the magnificent falls and its clear water.

The Hanging Bridge


Passing by Several Rice Fields


One Wrong Move and You’ll find yourself rolling down the mountain


What struck me while on our way back is when i saw kids carrying big boxes of goodies to their homes and they have to walk few miles in that situation under the heat of the sun. I felt so lucky that i shouldn't be doing those things but i can still enjoy drinking  sodas and eating my favorite chips.  


Even though the falls is smaller compare to Bomod-ok,who cares? It's the journey and the adventure that goes along with it that matters! For sure you'll enjoy it the same way i did when i reached the falls and experience the cold breeze. Another wonder carefully crafted by mother nature  for us to experience.

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