Tuesday, February 25, 2014

En Route Baguio – Passing Halsema Highway

It’s a Sunday and it’s my last day in Sagada. I woke up very early at 4 AM to to join the tour group which will be heading to Manila. I am very excited for new friends to meet and also to see the other side of the mountain. We drop by Kiltepan View Point again and the same drill i had coffee and tried roaming around. We waited for roughly 30 minutes hoping that the sun will come shining through and we will see the great sunrise.


After that frustrating wait for the sunrise we started traversing down Halsema Highway. The Halsema Highroad Point or the Philippine Pali is a natural attraction located inCattubo, Atok Benguet. Considered as the highest point in the country's Philippine highway system with an elevation of 7,400 feet above sea level. No road sign has ever summarized my emotions ever. I am in an ecstatic state. Nothing can spoil my happiness and my worries were left below sea level. It seems like the road was etched right at the heart of paradise.

The Sea of Clouds


The Vegetable Terraces


The Mountains

 IMG_8467 IMG_8480 IMG_8493 


Strawberry Farm in La Trinidad

IMG_8503 IMG_8508

Having Lunch in the SideStreet of Baguio


Vegetarian Bulalo (lol)


This solo adventure to Sagada turned out to be one the most memorable roadtrip of my life. Sagada is greater than the steepness and the challenges that the Halsema Highway have presented. After all, reaching paradise is worth sacrificing for.

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