Sunday, February 2, 2014

Something I want to accomplish this Year 2014

I have great travel plans this year, I wanted to make sure that I am achieving each of them slowly. As early as December of 2013, I already have set up my calendar for 2014 so I can easily track those dates that I want to spend for my travels. I am marking each US and Philippine holiday so I can spend it wisely.

Here are some of the places I have listed this year (in no particular order)

Domestic Trips


Puerto Princesa City, Palawan 

explore the city, tour the famous underground river and eat a lot of seafood




Coron-Palawan Coron, Palawan

I love nature and the beach and if we are talking about the best place to reconvene with nature, this should be on top my list




El NidoEl Nido, Palawan

Talking about unspoiled paradise on earth, that’s El Nido in Palawan.  Yes, it’s a bit expensive than that of  my usual trips but this is worth the price.





Davao City

Pearl Farm, Philippine Eagle, City Tour, these are some of the places i have in mind when I am thinking about Davao City. Not only that, this should mark another Mindanao Domination is my list.






You are a very challenging destination to reach but I am up for it. Let’s see what you have in store for me. Traveling solo is extreme for some, and for me, Batanes is extreme adventure.



ontravelevents.mt_.pulag_Mt Pulag

Hearing about “Sea of Clouds” entices me to put this on my bucket list. I am no pro mountaineer but i guess this should not be a reason why I’ll miss beauty of nature at its finest.



Secret-Spot-Siargao-Paolo-Soler Surfing in Siargao, Baler and La Union

I dreamed of being a surfer, even just for a day, and I guess this place will help me realize that dream. Adding to the bucket list is the Enchanting “Hinatuan River”



banaue-rice-terraces-wallpaper Batad / Sagada/ Banaue

Being a Filipino, I should be feasting my eyes on this magnificent creation and breath taking view. It makes me feel envious that foreigners have set their feet on this place and I haven’t.




bicolBicol – Camarines Norte and Camarines Sur

The famous Mayon Volcano is on top of the list, plus the foods of the Bicolano’s: Bicol Express, Sili Ice Cream…mouth watering! A side trip to

Caramoan Island and Calaguas Island will be perfect too!



International Trips 

Yes I am placing this one too. I guess its about time that I conquer my fears and do solo backpacking as well in South East Asia. There’s always a first time and I am a bit apprehensive and hesitant if this is something I want to do now. But, I am asking myself if not today, when is the best time? The goal is still to explore each destination, the cheapest way possible. Might be with a group or preferably solo backpacking.  God Bless Me!

1 Hongkong – Macau

2 Malaysia – Kuala Lumpur / Kota Kinabalu / Miri

3 Brunei

4 Bali

5 Indonesia

6 Singapore

7 Phuket, Thailand

8 India (Hoping to do this on my birthday)

9 Vietman

10 Cambodia

With this being written and plotted, my goal is to be more motivated and work harder, save more so I can land to these places as soon as I can. What’s your travel plans this year?

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