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A Day of Reliving Prehistoric Cultures and Civilization

March 29, 2013, one fine Saturday, no plans on going out of town or whatsoever as it was spared exploring The Manila Museum’s exhibit. Luckily, i bumped into one online deal and got a whole day pass at a promo rate.

I don’t have any idea where the Manila Museum is located and when I checked Google maps, it just pointed me to CCP complex and a bit near Star City.  The Manila Museum is actually located inside Boom na Boom Park, at the back of Wensha Spa. It’s my first time to explore this part but thanks to powerful maps, i was able to arrive here safe and sound. It’s past 3 in the afternoon when I entered the museum. I have the impression they closes at 4:00 PM, that’s what the personnel stated when I called in earlier but when I got there, it actually closes at 5 PM. So I got one more extra hour to enjoy the place.


I am fond of Ancient Greek an Egyptian culture since I learned about God’s and Goddesses, Trojan wars and of course the famous structures. In Egypt, I have been fascinated by the powerful Cleopatra and the Pyramids. Ancient Chinese Civilization is just a plus to what I already know. 

Stepping back from modern scene and learning ancient civilizations, arts and inventions, this is my how I will be spending my Saturday. This is perfect for all history enthusiasts as it features and replicates famous historical artifacts. I am excited to discover Greeks’ gods and goddess such as Zeus (sky), Poseidon (sea), or Venus (love) and know them more as well as the other Greeks legacies at the museum.

Though known for her lavish lifestyle and stunning beauty, Cleopatra is not enough representation of early Egypt. This country boasts wonders such as pyramids, Great Sphinx, and 4 Colossi of Ramses II. Speaking of ancient civilization, China has numerous legacies like their famous Forbidden City, Great Wall, abacus, porcelain and dynasties. These are some of the things I am thrilled to see.




Please click on the  link below to learn more about the things I rediscovered from each places:





Experiencing an exciting way to learn early history in a day is simply remarkable. Oh yeah, and there’s an additional memorabilia. I get to dress up as an Empress (China) and Cleopatra for a Photo Op. Sadly, there’s no costume for Greek Goddess.


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For information about ongoing exhibits, you may visit The Manila Museum’s Website

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