Monday, March 3, 2014

A Floating Restaurant In Tarlac

Living in the city can be stressful. Out of town trips seems to be an easy fix. Since we missed the La Paz exit on our way to Baler, we ended up in Tarlac City. It has been nailed in  my memory that there’s one great restaurant around the area so we had our Lunch in Isdaan, Floating restaurant.



The restaurant looks like a park from outside with all the giant monkeys and Buddhas that you'll see. Aside from the fresh food, several attractions awaits each visitor. Upon entering the restaurant, a friendly staff will accompany you to a floating bahay kubo of your preference. This will serve as your dining area during your stay. Yes, it is floating in a body of water that's 6-9ft deep!



Getting Ready for Lunch


Ginataang Hipon


Tender Juicy Spareribs (A must try!)


Rice served in a Cauldron


Aside from musicians, visitors of Isdaan can also enjoy watching dancers perform Filipino folk dances. I personally think that this is a great way to remind Filipino visitors of our heritage or to showcase it to tourists who visits Isdaan for a good meal.


I did say that life in the city can be stressful, right? Isdaan helps us to relieve this stress through their Tacsiyapo Wall.  Throw mugs, plates, or even a TV monitor to release anger! I threw 1 mug that cost me Php15. This is the cheapest that you can buy. Look for your source of anger or stress from the wall ... aim ... throw with all your might!



We will definitely be back to try the other delicacies and if need be, will release anger and burden once more and make sure to throw it away  and leave the place smiling and ready for the next chapter.

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