Tuesday, March 4, 2014

En Route Manila from Baler

The Surfing Experience was awesome. Wait, there’s more! It’s our last day here in Baler, one more hour to surf! We had our complementary breakfast from Mahdox before heading to the beach for another surfing session. I had pork tocino with egg and coffee. But of course, say bye to the egg :)


One last pose at Sabang Beach



Saying Goodbye to Mahdox Backdoor


As much as we wanted to follow Byahe ni Drew’s itinerary, it just cant. But of course we didn't missed the chance to visit the famous and Mystic Balete Tree of Baler while heading back home.

Today we got to see the 500 year old humongous balete tree located in one of the remote barangays of Baler municipality.  The historic tree has long been standing as one of the pride of Aurora province but sadly has been deemed a tourist spot. It constantly is plagued by influx of tourists and enterprising locals. Now we were among them, trying to check out the marvel of this fig tree's natural wonder. It is astonishing to learn a certain folklore of a place especially if we're talking about decades, millenniums or centuries of histories.       IMG_9338 IMG_9355 IMG_9366 IMG_9367 IMG_9381

It’s massive and what’s great about this tree is you can climb easily because the roots are inches thick that people could actually use it as leverage to reach the top; branches separating widely while holding and keeping its leaves hanging. Of course, if there's a tree this big, it is also possible to go and see what's inside.

At first, I was a bit hesitant to go inside, which by the way enters through its small hole at the ground roots which would lead visitors inside. May Starbucks sa loob, tignan mo – the guide said. Haha.

After that short stop, we head back to Manila, all smiles and proud of what we have achieved and discovered in Baler.

IMG_9394 IMG_9396

Awesome sunset while heading back home. I can’t help but smile. It simply reminded me that life is indeed beautiful. When the sunsets, it surely will rise. So smile and be grateful.

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