Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The Flavors of Bicol

It’s our first and last night here in Legaspi and of course we wouldn’t let this day pass without trying the famous food spots here. I think it’s just appropriate to taste both Bigg’s Diner and First Colonial Grill for the night.

We passed by and had coffee earlier at Bigg’s Diner and this time, we are trying what it has in store for our taste buds. With several branches all over the region, there's no excuse for you not to try the good food this fast food has to offer. They say skipping Biggs Diner makes your Bicol experience incomplete. But does it really?

Despite its ambiance and decor (very retro reminiscent of old American diners), Biggs Diner is actually a Filipino-owned fast-food joint with humble beginnings starting way back in 1983 when a group of Bicolanas put up a food business.



A heavy meal is suited after a long day of adventure.  What I got was the Biggs Premium Burger with a meaty and flavorful Spaghetti and a chocolate cake (I actually forgot what the name of the cake was)



One of the Most Unforgettable Spaghetti I’ve ever tasted


Burger richly stuffed with bacon, beef patty, some lettuce and cheese

There is nothing exceptional about the chocolate cake I ordered but the Spaghetti and Burger are a must try when you eat in Bigg’s Diner. It’s not a carbo-loading day for me, but maybe because I am just so hungry I finished it all.


It’s closing time (Mall closes at 8 PM on a weekend!) when we finished our food in Bigg’s and we have to rush to First Colonial Grill for the famous Sili Ice Cream. I admit I am still full but of course I can manage to fill in one more desert.

We are heading to our Final Food Destination and I am very excited! 1st Colonial Grill is one of the favorite restaurants in Legazpi that tourists shouldn’t miss when in the city. It offers authentic Bicol Dishes but we are here for the Ice Cream! So don't just think about Ice cream when you drop by the restaurant.  There were several flavors to choose from: sili (chili), kalamansi (Philippine lemon), malunggay (moringa), tinutung ("burnt" rice), Pili and Bailey’s. I ordered Sili Ice Cream of course! The hotness comes as an aftertaste and yes, it is hot!






Wohoo! The night ended late for us, we were so tired but full from the unlimited food tasting the entire day. I must say, this is one hell busy day. Busy having fun! Oh, to top everything, we were able to follow our itinerary, good job! Now it’s time to say goodnight  and thank you so much for a flavorful night Legaspi!


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