Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The Road to Caramoan

This Bicol trip became more exciting when we included in the itinerary the world famous Caramoan Islands.  It made me think, a lot of foreigners have actually experienced how beautiful our country is, but we, the locals haven’t really stepped into these spots. So, let me grab this opportunity to experience how to be a survivor for a day and being casted away after.
Caramoan is a first-class municipality in the province of Camarines Sur. It is located at the tip of the Caramoan Peninsula, a rugged place of land extending into the waters of the Maqueda Channel on the north and east and Lagonoy Gulf on the south (Wiki)
We woke up around 4 in the morning to prepare for this trip as we heard that the first trip going to Sabang Port is at 5 AM.  The last trip of the Ferry Boat going inside and outside Caramoan is 11:00 AM so we need to catch an earlier trip. The trip from Naga City to the Ferry Boat Terminal is approximately 1.5-2 hours. You can either take the Van near SM City Naga or take a jeepney. We took the jeepney and paid Php 80.00 and  Ferry Boat Fee is Php120.00
Jeepney Bound to Sabang Port
Perfect Morning Partner to perk us up
Sunrise in Naga, a sign of a great day
After roughly 2 hours of land trip going to Sabang Port, we finally arrived and just few minutes later the Ferry Boat will be departing for Caramoan Islands. Mixed emotions as we don't have any reservations yet for the accommodations and the island hopping. The web is indeed a perfect partner at times like these. Gladly bumped into one site where I got the number of Paniman Inn and luckily they have available rooms for 2 at Php300.00/person/night.  Aside from that, the owner itself owns a motorized boat that we can rent for island hopping. Thank you! Luck is always on my side.
A Pose at Sabang Port
While cruising, I can’t help but notice the perfect blue waters. I sooo love blue and this made me fall inlove  more with the oceans.  I am excited what’s in store for me in the islands as the views going there are already breath taking. Another marvelous creation unfolding, we should be proud that we have these in our country.
I am Loving BLUE..
Stunning View of the Mountains from the other side of the island
Approaching Caramoan Island
Gujilao Port, Caramoan
Upon arriving, all tourist need to register and pay Php 20.00. Good thing, the owner of Paniman Inn already hired a tricycle to fetch us from the port. Off we go to Caramoan!
We were advised to take our lunch at the town proper before heading to Paniman Inn so we can immediately proceed with our Island Hopping once we arrived. So we dropped by at local eateries (carinderia) along the way to grab something to eat. We were supposed to be checking some authentic Bicolandia dishes but in the interest of time, we just pick whatever is available on the first two carinderia we passed by.
Lunch at Sidestreets of Caramoan IMG_9490
After 40 minutes of tricycle ride, bumpy and zigzag roads, we finally arrived.  Paniman Inn is located few meters from the beach. We rested for a bit and prepared for our exploration. It’s approaching noontime, 11 in the morning to be exact when we decided to hop on the boat and start exploring the beauty of Caramoan.

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