Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Unspoiled Beauty of Perth Paradise Resort

Summer just started to kick off and what can be a better way to boost the season than to experience a relaxing and fascinating view of paradise. Perth Paradise Resort is one of the newest must visit resort in the southern part of Negros Occidental. A jeweled wonder that will make you unceasingly get fascinated with nature. Unspoiled, serene and simply charming place.

Sipalay City is known for white sand beaches and breath taking views of mountains meeting the seas. No wonder why Perth Paradise can be found here. It’s a mountain and beach resort in one. The cities of Bacolod and Dumaguete are gateways to Sipalay. It is 4 to 5 hours by bus and 3-hour drive by car from Bacolod (depending on your speed,hehehe! )

Heard about this charming place few months back and I wanted to see and experience it myself, so I grab the opportunity of spending a night in paradise. Perth Paradise Resort is located in Sitio Sambulawan, 15-20 minutes away from Sipalay City proper. If you’re taking the public transportation, just get down from the Bus Stop at the City market and hire a tricycle to take you to the resort. Since this is not yet fully developed you will pass by rocky roads so expect a bumpy trip. As they say, experiencing heavenly bliss will never be an easy ride.


According to the friendly owner (Kaycee) of Perth Paradise Resort, this was named after the Perth City in the Western part of Australia. They named it after the place because her father worked there for 5 years but passed away.


Here are the Rates from Perth Paradise Resort FACEBOOK PAGE

You will be greeted by the friendly staff of the resort upon arrival. I had a cabana reserved for this staycation. 

The Receiving Area / Restaurant





Our Home for the Day


Tired and exhausted from the long bus ride, we rested for few minutes before exploring the place. We were so excited to see the view on top where the infinity pool is located.

Stairway to the Infinity Pool (More Rooms Up There)


Airconditioned Room Facing the Pool


Cottages Available for Day Tours


Yes, the place is very relaxing and the view is truly breath taking.  Who wouldn't agree if you will greeted by this stunning islets view upon reaching the top.





The Bar on top Beside the Pool


I just find it weird that when we arrived, we waited for this bar to open. Roughly three hours of waiting for nothing. We just grab dinner instead and doze off. The place is just so peaceful that if you wanted to have the luxury of rest and unwinding, you will definitely be rewarded in here.

Good Morning Sipalay City


Yes, recharged and excited, we found ourselves getting a splash as early as 6 in the morning. We had this entire pool ourselves because the other guests are still sleeping from last nights partying I guess.


After an hour of playing in the water and of course taking pictures, we had breakfast at their restaurant. Cholo and Tin got Baconsilog while I got Longsilog paired with Hot Native Coffee. Price is just right for the generous serving. The restaurant serves from 7 AM to 7 PM.





After feeding our hungry selves, its time for another  adventure. We rented a bamboo raft to cruise the water. Let’s explore the surrounding islets in a different way, a more challenging one. Packed with excitement and confidence, we started pushing the raft towards the open water. It’s a bit tricky though coz the winds are blowing us opposite to where we should be heading but it was fun.




Push lang nang Push Tin and Cholo :)


Reaching the middle part is an achievement and of course another perfect place to take a splash of salty water and some Photo Ops. The islands we’re seeing afar is now within reach :)




There’s actually an easier way to cruise the water, have it pulled by a jetski! nyahahah! When we returned to the docking area i suggested the staff to have a Kayak or a smaller raft for a more enjoyable tour :) I can imagine how great this place could be when it’s fully developed.



Damage Report for this Overnight Stay



Cabana Php  1,000.00
Food/Drinks and Snacks Php  1,000.00
Tricycle Fee (RT) Php    400.00
Extra Pillow Php     50.00
Raft Rental (Unlimited Use) Php    500.00
Total Php  2,950.00 / 3 =  Php 983.00

Fare from Bacolod City to Sipalay City as of April 14, 2014 is Php 187.00

It was a short stay in the resort but I went home happy. Made great memories with two wonderful friends and at the same time reconnected with nature. Truly an unspoiled beauty slowly unfolding its grandeur to charm its visitors, no wonder it’s called Perth Paradise Resort.


  1. Wow you start blogging again... haha Proud of you!!!!

  2. Hehehe..thanks! Yeah, sayang ang mga adventures na indi ma scribble s online diary ko :-) kaw man gani..cheers to all travel enthusiasts!

  3. Hello. We're planning to go there. Thank you for this blog. I hope it will be easy for us to go there.

  4. Hello. We're planning to go there. Thank you for this blog. I hope it will be easy for us to go there.

    1. Hello Kaye! Thanks for dropping by. Transportation going to Sipalay is pretty easy. If you're coming from Bacolod, head to South Terminal and look for a Bus bound to Sipalay. Enjoy!

  5. Are the buses from Sipalay to BCD and vice-versa are 24 hours on schedule?

    1. Hi Ian..unfortunately the Buses are not 24/7. The earliest you can get is around 2-3AM and the latest is 7pm I guess.

  6. Do you have a contact no. of the resort?do we need to have a reservation to go there?thank you..

    1. Hi Clency, thanks for dropping by. You may check Sipalay Tourism website the contact numbers are posted there. If weekdays, there's a higher chance you can just walk in but I highly suggest get a reservation esp if you plan to go during weekends and summer.