Monday, May 26, 2014

An Overnight Encounter with Him at the Prayer Mountains

It was past 2 in the afternoon when I took another Jeepney ride to Cogeo market to find the jeepney route to Paenaan where the prayer mountain is located. I’s almost 4 in the afternoon when i reached Touch of Glory Prayer Mountain.


At the entrance I had to register and leave my ID. To those who wanted to get here, make sure to have a reservation as there are a lot of people during weekends. After logging in, the guard gave me my reservation slip and told me to proceed to the admin office  so I can settle my dues. I then proceed to the Female Dorm to rest and freshen up. I had a bumpy, dusty and exhausting ride going up here. Few minutes later, I found myself roaming and familiarizing the different spots I needed for my stay.

The Hallway to the Private Rooms and it’s Air-conditioned (2 pax @ 1200 and 4 pax @ 2400)


Female Dormitory (Fanned Room @ Php 250.00/person)


Fish pond where you can stay and unwind


Main Hall where gatherings and events are being held


Prayer Cells (this is the friendliest spot, a place for meditation and reflection)


Cafetorium ( serving breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks from 6 AM to 9 PM)


PC #23, you know what this means :)

It felt really good finding the time to spend an overnight weekend here. This by far can be considered as one of my most important travel for this year. Being alone, in a prayer cell/room felt surreal. Away from any distractions like what I used to have back home. I don’t have to think of anything at this time but myself and what this life is all about. As I read through the scriptures, I see not just words but a whole new meaning. I thought about my life in the: Past, Present and Future and this made me realize how blessed I am, how God has provided and taken care of me all throughout and of course we all know how emotional I can get, the next has been overflowing tears; might be regrets or joy I couldn’t describe it. I played “Take me Out of the Dark and Warrior is a Child”, these are my all time favorite songs. There maybe questions left unanswered but it’s all up to Him. All I know is that the moment I got out from that cell, I felt lighter.



After my ‘me time’ and clearing my mind inside the prayer cells, I hang out in the cafetorium while writing my journals. Facing the mountains while listening to soothing music gives me the relaxation and peace of mind I needed to think and compose myself.



It was a short stay at the Prayer Mountains but achieved my ultimate goal and went back full of hope and happy smiles and ready to conquer my fears. I have reloaded for my next battle and this in turn will help me face life with positivity, strength and gratefulness. My perspective will change as I move forward, that’s for sure.


Address : Bgy. San Jose , Sitio Calumpang, Antipolo, Rizal. Office Landline : 986-15-27. Mobile # 0917 840 12 88.

FX from Megamall – Antipolo RT (Php 50.00/way)
Php 100.00

Jeepney Fare from Antipolo Proper – Cogeo Market RT (Php 16.00/way)
Php   16.00

Jeepney Fare from Cogeo Market – Prayer Mt RT (Php 21.00/way)
Php   42.00

Accommodation (Dormitory)
Php 250.00

Dinner and Breakfast
Php 205.00

Other Expenses (Tric from Antipolo to Eds House)
Php   50.00

Total Expenses

Php 663.00

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