Monday, May 5, 2014

Explore, Play and Fall in Love in Calaguas

Summertime is playtime under the heat of the sun. One of the best way to enjoy the season is getting sun kissed on a white sand and serene beach, virgin and unspoiled. That’s what I found when I finally landed in Calaguas Island. 

Calaguas Island is a white sand adventure found in the Bicol Region.It is a group of islands in the Pacific under the jurisdiction of the Town of Vinzons, Camarines Norte. A popular get away known for its pristine beaches, made up of a long stretch of powdery white sands that can rival Boracay. Truly a paradise worth risking to see. 

Around 9 in the evening, we were all set for a long ride to the southernmost part of the Philippines, Camarines Norte. After 9 hours of wandering on Zigzag and bumpy road, we reached the town of Paracale, the jump off port for Calaguas Island.

We had breakfast at Malayan Inn and Restaurant, some went to the market to buy the stuff we need for this overnight adventure in the island. For those who are planning to go there, make sure to bring your food and drinks as it may get expensive it the island itself. We were a bit delayed due to negotiations being done about the boat rate as they have increased.

Cruising the open sea towards the island is already a scene to behold; the water is so blue and luscious green mountains I saw made me smile. The sun is up and the day has just started.

Roughly two hours and we finally reached our ultimate destination. Welcome to Paradise: CALAGUAS ISLAND. From afar, I can see boats docked near the shore and tents pitched here and there.

We looked for a perfect spot to pitch our tents and enjoy the beach. We found one in the middle part of the island, few meters away from the stores and public bathroom.

I have the impression that the island is secluded, no stores, no washroom whatsoever. Glad to know that it has quite developed since the first time I’ve read some articles about it. Oh, one more thing, native cottages have been built and they have solar powered electricity already, not available the entire day though but just enough to light up the cottages at night.

Can’t wait to have some splash as the water is so inviting. So we set up our tents while the others prepared our lunch and then went for a quick dip.


We had late lunch and after which we started exploring the long stretch of the island. Walking further we found some rock formations. This part though is not ideal for swimming as there were many sharp-edged stones and waves can get stronger. So just play along and get some really good shots.

We waited for the sunset in this part of the island and as the sun goes down, I can’t help but smile on the picture perfect scenery slowly unfolding right in front of me. I just got a perfect spot for this one.

One Perfect Sunset

Calaguas is the perfect place to relax and unwind if you are not a party goer type and fond of quiet beaces like me. In addition to this adventure, you will really find time for yourself as you won’t get any distractions from your cellphones (no signals, hehehe!) You can just sit in the sand, swim in the crystal clear water, explore the island and just do some chit chatting with your friends. 

The beauty and charm of Calaguas Island will remain carved in my heart. Experiencing paradise need not to be expensive. If you are looking for a spectacular white sand beach and would want to spend your vacation with a laid back atmosphere, I am highly recommending this place.  This is ideal for those who love camping as there’s no hotel or full electricity here. Just bring your own tent, food and drinks and you’re all set. The island is not fully developed which makes it more relaxing with less noise of course. Just imagine the feel of powdery white sand, crystal clear water , plus the feeling of having the place all by yourself. Perfect!

Thanks again to Mam Ron and the rest of the gang who made this trip truly memorable. New adventure with new found buddies makes traveling worthwhile.

 Damage Report (Projected)
Items Rate
Transportation etc Php 14,000.00
Boat Rental Php  8,000.00
Food, Drinks Etc Php  7,500.00
Entrance Fee Php  1,700.00
Total Php 31,200.00 / 15 = Php 1950.00 / person
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