Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Lunch and a Walk in the Beach of Malapascua Island

Upon arriving in Kalanggaman Island, we saw several boats docked near the coast and according to some of the care takers, they were divers coming from Malapascua Island.  So out of curiosity we asked them how far is the island from where we are. Surprisingly, we were told that it will only take an additional 2 hours to get to the premiere diving site.

The supposedly Leyte Trip came with a sidetrip to an Island that is part of Cebu. Malapascua is located in North Cebu and has attracted foreign tourist especially divers because of its rich marine sanctuary. It is best known for Monad Shoal where thresher sharks can be seen regularly. However, diving is not the only activity you can do in this island, it is also ideal for a laid-back holiday by the sea.

Malapascua is located in the center of the Coral Triangle, makes each dive a pure delight filled with new discoveries! Sharks and mantas, wrecks and reefs, wall dives, caves, muck dives and spectacular night dives.The town’s name is derived from two Spanish words “mal” and “pascua” translated in English as “bad” and “Easter” of Bad Christmas. According to locals, Spaniards named the island that way when they arrived there on a story Christmas.

We didn’t came here to dive although the island itself is a promising spot for one.  We dropped by Malapascua to have a sumptuous lunch and hoping for a great beach experience. It is worth the quite strenuous trip.

We left the Kalanggaman Island past 9 in the morning and we arrived in Malapascua just in time for lunch. From afar, I can see coconut trees teaming the island and some cottages. Contrary to Kalanggaman Island, this is quite developed and commercialized.


As suggested, we headed to Mabuhay Restaurant to have lunch. Food in the island is not a problem. There are lots of restaurants you can choose from offering various specialties- American, Italian, Filipino, etc.  Since this is a beach trip, I opted to grab seafoods.



Accommodation in the island isn’t a problem too. You can find an ordinary room for as low as Php 500.00/night and as your preference increases, the price goes up too.  As I walked along the beach, I passed by some of the beachfront resorts. There were a lot of foreign tourists who were having their daily rituals. Foreigners outnumbered local tourists significantly, reason why the prices here were too high.  This is Boracay and Puerto Galera minus the crowd.



I had a great noontime walk exploring the beach of Malapascua. I grab my camera after having lunch and walk towards the other end of the shore.  The mildly blowing wind produced a soothing music of waves. It was indeed a great day



Our short trip to Malapascua Island was almost finish, I wanted to stay longer to the explore the island more, but we had to leave. The trip made me appreciate the inland beauty of the island more, and for this, I can’t wait to be back.


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