Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Chasing Waterfalls in Iligan

Heading to my last stop over for this trip series. I woke up early and had my ‘free’ breakfast at Sardonyx Cafe and Grill, then I bought some stuff from the barter fair.


The set breakfast include your choice of coffee or hot chocolate and fried fish, rice and side dish (ampalaya)


I left Kabacan past 10 in the morning. This time I boarded an AC bus bound for Cagayan de Oro. This will be a butt numbing 7-8 hours ride. I guess, it’s time to sleep and rest. It was past 7 in the evening when I finally arrived in CDO. I had to grab something for dinner so I bought a burger meal from Jollibee of course and went to Bulua Terminal to catch a bus bound for Iligan. This time I had a reservation at Caledon Pension House, it’s across Iligan Medical Center.

Tired and exhausted from the long bus rides from Cotabato to Iligan, I call it a night. I think it was past 10 in the evening when I dozed off. I had to wake up early to go on falls hopping. I took a jeepney bound to the city center from Caledon Pension house and another Jeepney bound for Buru-un. There are three waterfalls to chase in this side of town, but my laziness attacked and I was able to visit only one. Hahaha! The beauty of solo traveling, I can do whatever I want.

It was super early when I arrived in Buru-un, a habal-habal took me to the falls.  Even the resort staff is not yet on duty when we arrived.  Travel time was about 20 minutes along a cemented but not so smooth road. I think my brain was rattling inside my head. You'll pass by a couple of clean flowing streams and lush greeneries. Tinago Falls is located in a deep ravine between the municipalities of Ditucalan and Linamon. We started the trek of 500 descending steps. Imagine what it feels like trekking back up.  ;-)

We had to walk gingerly to avoid slipping onto the moist earth. You'll see little waterfalls cascading by the mountain walls. The place is surrounded by lush vegetation, making it more relaxing.


All my senses feasted on what I saw: the clear turquoise green pool beneath Tinago Falls. The sound of waters cascading dramatically. The icy cool water flowing on my feet. The sweet scent of shrubs and vines. Birds singing. It was indeed a sight to see and discover! Tinago Falls should remain this way. Tinago (hidden) from all the signs of abuse to nature, from all the pollution and illegal logging, from all the noisy and busy highways. Tinago Falls is one of the hidden precious gems of Mindanao. Iligan is blessed with such treasure.

IMG_3940 IMG_3941

As you can see, no tourists and photo bombers yet. I had this place solely. Lucky me! The perks of being an early bird.  I didn’t had the chance to take a dip though. I don’t intend to get wet in this trip. With this very limited time I have, i think i had enough of Tinago Falls.




Next stop should be the Mimbalut falls, it’s very near the jeepney terminal. As stated, my laziness attacked and I didn’t push for it. I wanted to go to Maria Cristina falls instead. I took another jeepney ride back to Iligan and alight at NPC. Unfortunately the park won’t open until 9 AM. Epic fail trip, I should’ve spent it going to Mimbalut. I think another reason for me to go back to Iligan.

I just managed to take pictures of outside and of course the famous landmark for NPC, the steel bridge.




Bus RT Fare to Iligan/CDO Php 170.00
Caledon Pension House Php 450.00
Habal-Habal Php 200.00
Jeepney RT Fare (CPH – City) Php  24.00
Jeepney RT Fare (City – Buru-un) Php  30.00
Entrance Fee (Tinago) Php  20.00

Total Expenses

Php 874.00

Visited Provinces Rank: #38

Date Visited: July 7-8, 2014


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