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Just when time stood still at Glan Saranggani

I've been idle for several weeks due to some work schedule conflicts; work comes first above anything else so I am looking forward to making the most out of my week time off from administrative stuff in the office. This trip should originally be in Davao regions only bas I have spared 3 days for my Mindanao Vacation before heading back home. Instead of going to Mati in Davao Oriental I decided to give Southern Cotabato and it’s neighboring province a shot.

The feeling is always awesome every time I go on solo traveling. Maybe because I felt am totally free from everything. I don't have someone to care for every time I make spur of the moment decisions. Like what happened now. It's like I am riding in vans, jeepneys and buses without any knowledge as to where I am heading. What's important is my feet are moving. That being said, it gives more flexibility.

I was so prep weeks ahead because I am too excited what this region has to offer me. As what I've been doing in most of my trips, I always considered beaches on top of my list so I decided to go to Glan Saranggani to check out their white sand beaches.

Thanks to Cebu Pacific's generous staff, I was over baggage for 1 kilo and they considered it for hand carry. Also, I am lucky enough that there was no delay whatsoever in my flight as I have a very tight schedule.  Just when you talk about luck, I had to be boarded on the A330 airbus! Whoa! It's big, spacious and very comfortable. I just cant help but smile :)
Welcoming me to Davao City is fair weather for traveling. Upon reaching the arrival area I approached a Tourism  officer and ask directions how can I get to the terminal bound to GenSan. I have done my research ahead of time, but it's always best to ask the experts ^_* so i took a multi cab ride to the bus stop outside the airport, waited for another bus to take me to the terminal. It was quite a long ride from the airport to the terminal of buses plying for GenSan. One passenger even brought durian with her, hell yeah...welcome to Davao! It was past 8 in the morning when I finally found myself boarded on an AC Bus bound for GenSan. It's another 3-hr bus ride to endure. 

When I saw the sign that I am entering General Santos City, I smiled, finally I'm here. To add to that, I was amazed with the great choice of color for their motorela; it’s blue.  I can definitely live here.

When I reached the terminal, I took a motorela ride to Residencia Heneral. This will be my home here in General Santos city. The place is located in Pioneer Avenue, it’s in the heart of GenSan City. Malls, restaurants, church etc are quite accessible. After I freshen up, I unload some of my stuff and prepared for another roadtrip to Glan, Saranggani where the white sand beaches are located. There were quite a number of spots to see in GenSan, but on top of my list is to go to Gumasa Beach.

Sarangani is a province of the Philippines located in the SOCCSKSARGEN region. Glan is a first class municipality in the province of Sarangani (wiki) 

I headed to KCC Mall, where the vans routed for Glan is located. Took more than an hour for me to reach the place. When I got down from the Van, I took a habal-habal ride going to Gumasa Beach. I don’t know exactly where to go to so I asked the driver to take me to a not so crowded, cheaper and safe resort to spend the afternoon. He is a native of Gumasa so he knows exactly where to take me. Since the transportation is a bit scarce, I asked the driver to fetch me after few hours.  I was brought to Rosal Beach Resort.  By the way, they wont allow you to stay here without getting a cottage at least Php 350.00 but because the driver knows some of the staff, we were able to negotiate that I will pay extra for the entrance and not get a cottage anymore because I am just alone.

I look for some shades to spend the afternoon just listening to my fave songs and enjoying the breeze.  My ideal way of spending “ME” time is to sit on the sand and enjoy the winds.
Locals have aptly nicknamed this crescent-shaped stretch the "Small Boracay of the South". This is what Boracay might have looked like before all the commercial development: slow paced, quiet except for the sound of the waves and small cottages and thatched nipa huts make do for shelter.In this idyllic place I found a treasure in the serenity one longingly craves for in the face of a hectic, stressful, working life. There's nothing like a soft, sea breeze to whet your appetite! I took a stroll along the shore and enjoyed the feel of that soft, powdery sand on my feet. This is where I let time stand still.
Day 1 Expenses
Airport to Highway (Multicab) Php   10.00
Bus to Terminal Php   15.00
Bus from Davao to GenSan Php  192.00
Motorela Rides (P10.00/trip) Php   65.00
Residencia Heneral Solo FR Php   350.00
Lunch Php   120.00
Snacks Php    80.00
Dinner (Tuna Steak) Php    80.00
Van to Glan (P100.00/trip) Php   200.00
Habal-Habal (P100.00/trip) Php   200.00
Rosal Resort Entrance Php    50.00
Souvenir Shirts and Keychains Php   300.00
Php 1,662.00

Visited Province Rank: #41
Date: August 23, 2014

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