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A Taste of Paradise in El Nido (Day 4 – Island Hopping A)

Tour A = AWESOME! A day of Lagoons and Beaches


Tour A is mostly centered around Miniloc Island, as shown in the map. It is the most famous and most availed tour package in El Nido. It is also known as the Lagoon Tour as it comprised 2 lagoon expedition  — cleverly named Small Lagoon and Big Lagoon. You have a totally yummy, specially-prepared lunch on a very picturesque little beach, then off to a small hidden lagoon (Secret Lagoon), and finally a pit stop on a long, off-white sandy beach just to relax.


Welcome to El Nido – simply amazing!


Warning: When you move from the boat to the lagoon entrance, you WILL get bitten on the legs and back etc by some kind of territorial fish that lives in that stretch of water.


Now the special surprise. If you go right to the other side of the Small Lagoon, which isn’t very far, you can go into a small entranceway that leads to a water-filled cave. It’s completely enclosed, but over the centuries, rainwater seeping through the cracks has made a skylight with some amazing limestone shapes and formations to stare up at.

RIMG0364         RIMG0376 


The Big Lagoon was the main highlight of Island Hopping Tour A. It is seriously beautiful. But it’s also a place we just drove the boat in, puttered around, then drove out again. It’s one of those places you quietly boat through in stunned silence as you soak in the colors and clarity of the water.

Boats cannot access the Big Lagoon in low tide, which is why renting a kayak is recommended for tour A — it would serve as a backup plan B and would give you the ability to be the boss of your time. From there, you get to experience the Big Lagoon’s deep emerald water and gigantic limestone cliffs on your own and find serenity in exploring without the noises of the boat.




This small island, which apparently got its name from a Japanese diver who died there in an underwater cave, is where we stop for lunch. In spite of the depressing roots of the nomenclature, it’s a stunning place to chill while the boat crew prepares your lunch.





The place was very relaxing, quite, and bounded by tall coconut trees and big limestone cliff — the real epitome of a paradise. The Secret Lagoon is one of the protected islands of El Nido from unauthorized or illegal collection of balinsasayaw’s nest (swift’s nest).The entrance to the Secret Lagoon was surprisingly a tiny hole on the huge wall of limestone cliffs and used all my flexibility to reach the inside. I think I got most pictures from this stop :)







Because we still got plenty of time, our kind guides brought us to the snorkeling site (I forgot the name) Here I feasted my eyes to the awesome underwater wonders. Our boat captain is even kind enough to take me to the deeper part and enjoy more coral views.   RIMG0438




This is the destination for Tour A to relax and have a final dip before heading back to town.  We docked in Papaya Beach and went to 7 Commandos via kayak. According to our guide, if it’s low tide, they usually bring the guest to 7 Commandos.  Hell I care, it’s just few meters away.
You can buy fresh buko juice and snacks in this area.






Happy smile and grateful heart is what I brought back to town. Getting a glimpse of the beautiful and stunning islands of El Nido is something I will forever cherish. No wonder why it’s the world’s top beach destination. I am pretty sure, I’ll keep coming back and will never get tired of feasting on this magnificent wonders of nature.

I wish I could spend more days here for Island Hopping. This give me more reasons to go back for more.


IMG_1334   IMG_1342

Capped the day with a sumptuous seafood dinner bought from the market and prepared by our ever reliable Ate Minda. Happy Tummy!

WALLET DAMAGE: Php 1,000.00 (Tour A)   Home Cooked Dinner (Shrimp and Crabs Galore) Php 150.00

If you want to avail the services of our guides you may contact Kuya Nelson Fernandez at 09073271050. In case you will get a hold of Kuya Nelson’s services, please extend my regards to him.

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