Saturday, October 25, 2014

Climbing Up the Ragged Taraw Peak: A Daybreak Workout in Paradise

Doing early morning exercise can definitely fuel you. That fresh energy helps you get going through the rest of the day. And we all know the awesome benefits of regular exercise: a fit body, perfect metabolism, resistance to ailments, positive disposition in life, are among them.

In El Nido, one of the challenging and adrenaline pumping activity you can do is to climb that lovely cliff of limestone monolith right in the heart of poblacion: Taraw Peak

We started our climb very early on Day 3 of our El Nido sojourn. Our guide, a young local named Ryan fetch us from our place with our agent Ericka. Around 5:30AM, we reached the base of the monolith after winding through the narrow alleys of the rural community, most of it still fast asleep.

Along the way, we had to skirt through a stagnant pool of water. This way is a little bit tricky as the rocks are slippery; just one slip and you’ll fall through that dirty water. As we went deeper into the rock-filled jungle, the barely recognizable trail started to go steeply up. We had to be careful because the rocks were sharp, mossy, and wet from the morning dew.

The Sharp Edges – No Wrong Move Please!


It’s not bad to take a rest and some pics


One of the highlights of this adventure was climbing one of the two vertical cliffs along the trail. Yes, vertical! 90 degrees of pure adrenaline-pumping climb! But don’t worry. Although the idea of climbing vertically seemed terrifying, we found the climb enjoyable and easy since there were plenty of handholds and footholds to secure us. Hail to the acrobatic and gymnastic moves to complement the not-so-gifted height :)



Trust me, it’s gonna offer you something breath taking when you reach the top. That feeling of triumph in higher grounds will surely  feed your adventurous spirit.



Honestly speaking, this is not for everybody. The climb to the peak is extreme and dangerous. To those who are planning to climb up the peak, here’re some tips:

  • Wear comfy shoes (preferably rock climbing shoes) - The climb is really rough, specially for beginners. You would be stepping on pointy rocks so it’s advisable to wear those climbing shoes with thick soles/ right cushion.
  • Wear something light and clothes that won’t work against your flexibility. Since you would be moving so much, wear something comfortable .  If you have gloves for climbing, then it may come handy.
  • Make sure to bring your own water.
  • Before putting all your weight on a grip when climbing, be sure the rock your gripping on is strong and not loose. Same as with your footing.
  • Wear a rash guard preferably as there are many mosquitoes and other insects along the trail. You may also apply insect repellant and lotion.
  • Be sure that you are physically and mentally ready for the climb prior to this trip.
  • Listen carefully to your guide during the briefing
  • Most importantly, Pray before and after the climb :)

Personally, I enjoyed the climb and the breathtaking view at the peak, it was awesome!  I just wish the climb would be safer with the implementation of proper gears and harnesses, especially for beginners. :)


We finished the climb and the descend in 3 hours. It was a crazy yet fun adventure! Glad we survived.

The faces of Happy Taraw Peak Climbers 



Wallet Damage: Php 300.00 for the guide (you need to get one for safety reasons)

If you want to avail the services of our guides you may contact Kuya Nelson Fernandez at 09073271050. In case you will avail of Kuya Nelson’s services, please extend my regards to him.

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