Sunday, October 11, 2015

Terrifying Fun in Sulu

The Province of Sulu in Mindanao has been on the news for years. It is a sad fact that this volcanic island paradise has been dubbed as danger zone, terror town, etc. To us travelers and aiming to complete the provinces in the Philippines, it is a dream destination.  It is a place boasting with jaw-droppig beaches, rugged mountain ranges and indigenous culture worthy of a visit.

All these are part of what Sulu can offer, above all, the generous and very hospitable local is something to look forward to. Seafood ranging from the famous Curacha, fishes that can only be found in Sulu sea and the delicious Sulu Coffee for breakfast will serve as a foretaste of our short adventure.

This is a reminder that with all the news you could hear and read online about the place such as Sulu, having experienced how accommodating and eager these people to show their homeland will surprise and enrich you in more ways than one.


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