Friday, January 20, 2017

Clouds, Coffee, Camaraderie | The Jomax Peak Kind of Fun

Yes, girls, just wanna have fun!  We are all connected by the Love of Travel, Nature, Adventure and just having pure fun.

Sitting at the Veranda


It was a “not-so-fine-kind-of-Thursday” when we found our way up to the beautifully landscaped municipality of Don Salvador Benedicto. Target for today: Jomax Peak.

I have heard about this place countless times and seeing pictures going viral on Social Media ignited my curious spirits. Well, let’s see and find out what this place has to offer. At a glance, it is very peaceful. Well and true, it did not disappoint me when I finally touched its grounds.


Jomax Peak used to be the rest house of Jomax Ortiz and was made open the public to the during the latter part of 2016.  Don Salvador being known as a home of beautiful mountains, spring resorts, waterfalls with lush green forests, Jomax peak became one of the top destinations in Negros.

As you can see from the background, one of the many falls found here in Don Salvador. Unfortunately, it’s not open when we visited due to bad weather conditions. We just content ourselves with the view and cool breeze and took as many pictures as we can. Laughing out loud


This paradise doesn’t serve food for now so you have to bring your own. They can cook meals for you for a minimum fee, just bring the stuff that you need.

You may also opt to spend the night here.  They offer night rates for only Php 200.00/person (minimum of 5). No tents for rent, so bring your gears.

There is also a swimming pool but who would like to dip in a freezing cold water? If you want just a place to relax from the hustle and bustle of the city. This is one great spot that will give you that.



Of course, the DSB Experience will never be complete without a picture in its pine trees.  This is our little Baguio here in Negros Occidental.



From Bacolod City, Jomax Peak is 100m after the 48km post and 200m before the Malatan-og falls viewing deck. We rented a private car when we went here.
If you prefer to ride the Ceres bus, you may instruct the conductor to drop you at Brgy. Kumaliskis, rest house of Atty. Ortiz. Regular fee is something in between 60-100 pesos from Bacolod. Students will have discount if they present their ID.
Message them through their Facebook page and inquire for your chosen dates.
Send them a picture of your recent ID with photo and give them your contact details.
Once reservation is made, there will be NO cancellation/change of dates.
Please be informed that Jomax Peak is still a work in progress to serve you better in the future.
Happy Travels!